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Scene 1 - behind the house - shot 3Just an extra from the set - this would have worked in color. The old out building was faded red, but then it becomes about color rather than texture.
Scene 1 - Shot 3My favorite shot ended up being behind the old house. The daylight was cruel (as photography needs go) - high contrast, not a cloud in the sky. A bit of intentional lens flare added a bit of sparkle to an interesting, but otherwise drab scene. The angles of the light flare help, I think, accentuate the lines in the old tin and grass and add more energy than the site has on its own.
Scene 1 - shot 2Moving to the driveway gave a different view of the home. The first two photos were converted to BW since color just detracted from the image. The central subject of the photo had no color of its own, so the color of trees and sky just drew attention away from it.
Scene 1 - overviewSouth of Roxbury, in McPherson County, Kansas
Saturday morning at the laptop Scene 1While Ashlynn was over at my house Saturday morning, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to play with the working the scene assignment. I worked on capturing the light and shadows, the design in the screen, and the sheer intensity of a 5 year old engaged in dressing princesses, mermaids, and brides via a web-based program she helped me find online.
Electronic paper dolls - Close up Scene 2Here I moved in for a close up, still wanting to capture some of the outside light as well as the intensity on Ashlynn's face.
I can't get it to work! Scene 3Here she is getting totally frustrated with the pop-up windows and the fact that she can't get the flowers to move into the hand of the princess. About this time I was also hearing noises about not taking so many pictures!
Whew! It's working again.... Scene 4I didn't want to leave the series with Ashlynn looking frustrated.
Breaking for ice cream - scene 1Ashlynn came over for the morning. We made pancakes, she worked on the iPad, and then took a break for ice cream. I really loved the light outside and wanted to capture that as well as the iPad and the scooping of ice cream.
Ummmm...ice cream for breakfast! Scene 2Here I've waited for her to start eating the ice cream, with the iPad on hold.
Image 3 Mesmerized -- is it the ice cream or the iPad?Working from the larger 'scene' and beginning of the story, this seemed to encapsulate the end. I think I actually like the 2nd image better but I'm not sure.
Palmer Lake photo 3This fisherman was really working hard trying not to fall asleep. He said the fish just were not biting. I was hoping to get the action shot of landing a fish but after about 30 minutes of waiting I gave up.
Palmer Lake photo 2Not much wind so the lake was pretty still.
Palmer Lake 1st PhotoI stoped by Palmer lake to see if there were any ducks or geese but there were only people fishing for dinner.
Windmill photo 3This is my final photo after about 20 shots. I was hoping a cow or horse would come up and drink some water but maybe next time.
Windmill photo 2This photo was taken from down in the ditch near the road
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