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Butterfly houseThe butterfly house at Botanica is one of my favorite places right now as the kids can explore and they are contained and don't even realize it!! Plus, it provides some shade on a hot day. Even given that, the kids were still constantly wanting my attention, so this was about all I got with the tripod down real low.
Flower breedingI use my old Canon G2 for this image.
First tomatoGardening in the desert is a challenge! As you can tell, I have some serious weeding to do in this raised bed. I actually pretty much had my head in basil to the right of this tomato plant. The aroma made all the contortions needed t get the shot worth it.
In the prickley pearThis is a huge prickley pear cactus in Clay's corner-lot front yard. I'm actually standing on the sidewalk looking up -- because the yard is elevated from the street surrounded by a wall.
Waiting to be playedThe "dirt" here would be the dust before I downloaded a few shots from various angles and also discovered a couple of clear plastic stickers Ashlynn must have decided belonged on the keys. I don't know if I managed to convey depth of field but I definitely shot this on my knees at the level of the keyboard.
wildflowers 1636Barton County, Kansas - Photographed with the camera beneath the plant, at ground level, aimed skyward toward the blossoms. I watched the histogram closely and adjusted as necessary to keep from blowing out the highlights. Shooting in 'raw' helped with that too.
Grass bladesFound along highway 56 just east of Ellinwood, in Barton County, Kansas.
Wild Blackeyed SusansMarion County, Kansas
FloatingTaken down low, leaning waaay out over the pond.
Lotus Blossom OK, I wasn't quite "in the dirt" for this shot, but very nearly ended up "in the water" as I leaned way out over the pond to get the right angle on the shot.
I think I can...Turns out he can't. The snail's a wimp and turned back the way he came. I wish, oh I wish I had a Macro lens...
A snail's pace...I couldn't have gotten any lower and in the rain for these shots.
Great Dane from a Chihuahua’s point of view!This is the Great Dane that belongs to one of our neighbors, they say he weighs 140 lbs. His back almost comes up to my waist!
Down to the rugI dont know if I understand the assignment, but heres one attempt (with a musical touch again)
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