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very flat original
Sowing WeedsEvan loved tossing the fluffy seeds from a big puff ball weed. I was kind of psyched I caught a butterfly fluttering by his shoulder. I bumped up the contrast in this shot by applying the 'vivid' picture control in Capture NX on the raw file, actually brought down the exposure to keep from blowing the red channel in the flower and did selective sharpening to draw your eye to the main elements.
Green EyesOne of the neighborhood cats hanging out on my backyard wall as we were grilling. The flash made the eyes green and luckily provides a contrast point. The snippets of branches below I think help to further direct the viewer's eye toward the cat's. (Now that I've uploaded it, the eyes look a bit brighter and weirder than they did before I uploaded. Didn't have time to try to play with it on other editing software.)
(Very Ugly) original of Bluegrass Jam SessionUnmodified file, straight from camera & badly in need of "rescuing." Obviously the light was very flat, and to make matters worse the file was overexposed. The musicians are "lost" in the busy scene in this image, so in the black and white version I tried to use contrast adjustments to help the musicians stand out from the crowd.
Bluegrass Jam SessionCommunity bluegrass jam session in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
Wagon Driver - colorColor version of the wagon driver image with a brighter, more uplifting feel. The background was intentionally taken to pure white to give more of an illustrator look. The BW treatment was flipped horizontally.
AbandonedNot so gloomy. I did not really want to go so dark. This highlights the ladder and the window, I hope. I went back to the original.
Horned LizardHorned Lizard, Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve. I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one, but haven't been able to come up with a good "contrast" image from this week yet. Evan spotted this one on our hike, and was thrilled we got to photograph it.
The BlockmakerĀ“s HouseMuseum apartment from the beginning of the 20th century
Aspen Trees
WindowThis was also on an abandoned house.
Old doorI like the bricks on the top.
Sunflower BudI noticed the first sunflowers of the season this evening - always a grand event in Kansas. This is pretty shallow depth of field for something like this, but I like a soft background with wildflowers.
I'm always amazed at the wealth of detail that unfolds with macro photography, here the back lighting of evening sun illumines the fine fibers, which help protect some wildflowers from dehydration or insects.
Violin contrastExprimental variation trying to use the pegs as contrast dots (two image hdr)
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