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Academy GraduationI'm a bit late getting this posted, but wanted to submit it anyway. This is my Aunt Diane pinning on my cousin Marcus' badge at his police academy graduation Friday. Uncle Bill is on the right.
Nurturing EternityMarvel Cavern under Silver Dollar City - the formations take centuries to form - amazing pieces of art everywhere you looked.
Nurturing ConfidenceKeith did his best to assure Mac and Evan that the ride would be fun -- but it only worked on Evan. Once the frogs started hopping, Mac yelled "I'm done, may I get off now!"
Nurturing my old recordsUsing a record cleaning machine for nurturing my 3000 records
Nurtured SunflowerAgain I was out in the back yard doing some weeding and saw this sunflower plant trying to grow in the rocks, so I replanted it in a pot and will see if our nurturing will will help it to grow.
HonorsAnd another snapshot from the past week, I hope without getting too indulgent about it. My dad was a World War II vet, something he was very proud of. Part of his services included an honor guard ceremony - a 21 gun salute, taps, etc. It's one of the ways a community shows respect for its members, and nurtures and strengthens survivors in hard times, here through ritual and ceremony.
Little Girls are Made of Sugar and SpiceIt always amazes me how nurturing McKenzie is. Even after getting scolded for something, she'll look at you with tears in her eyes and say "I want to give you a hug." I can only imagine what a wonderful world it would be if everyone had her spirit.
Nurturing the writer withinTomorrow is the first day of the Southern Nevada Writing Project's four-week Summer Institute. It's a nurturing place to explore what it means to be a writer and to teach writing . I look forward to it every year to nurture my own writing alongside everyone else's -- seems like there is so little time, and yet it's a lot like photography. You have to commit to doing it, to sharing and growing in a community of writers/photographers/learners. Then the magic takes over and you are hooked!
Lauren and mommy 2Thank you, Dave. He managed to create a softer feel to my image. I tried all sorts of ways to add a vignette. I kept botching it up. It was just never right.
Nurturing the DandelionsI saw this dandelion and had to take the photo because there are so many in our lawn that I sometimes feel that we are just nurturing them. They realy like our yard and just keep coming back!
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