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Summer is here!!Captured at a friend's house last night -- kids were having a great time in the pool.
Lavender LadiesTaken at Church after a morning service.
The Three AmigosTaken at our Church Fair. These were the designated carpet salesmen.
Dunk TankThis is steamy dog-doo compared to what you guys are posting, but here's something anyway. If you're wondering about the strange exposure compensation, I forgot to turn of auto-bracketing after something I was doing the other day. At least this was shot in raw so I had some headroom to play with.
Mechanics on breakThe mechanics who worked on my car. Really. That's what they said.
Tea Time with BearMac sure had fun with this until Evan got up from his nap and begged to have tea too -- I'll have to post that pic when I get back. This one, I felt, had the most Rockwell feel due to McKenzie's interaction with the bear.
Into the LightAlthough I was happy with the expressions on the other images I posted from this series, I didn't like the light. By the time the wagon broke, the light was gone. This image was taken earlier in the day, and has more of the character of light reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's paintings.
Maybe Tomorrow...Kids are bored stiff on this spring break. It is pouring every day. So why not use it?
Little Girl and dollI still kind of like this.
Sad Day on Elm StreetWe thought it would be fun to photograph Evan pulling McKenzie in the wagon, but didn't count on the tongue ripping off the wagon.
"Houston, we have a problem"
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