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Airforce Academy Chapel Pews
The Tortoise I caught this shot on Evan's preschool trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park near us. They had a petting/feeding area where the kids got to interact with some animals. I was fascinated by the beautiful pattern on these tortoises; however, couldn't capture it. But, I laughed at this shot as it did capture the frantic rhythm in the tortoise circle. Unlike the stereotype of tortoise, these big guys moved constantly and literally ran to their feeding spot when anyone brought out lettuce.
and the HareThis struck me as more of a rhythm of life shot. It was the opposite of the tortoise and the hare as Evan was zipping everywhere as were those big tortoises and McKenzie was calmly observing and feeding the rabbits who sat mesmerized by her little song.
Flowering sunsetThis was a quick shot intended to capture the spring blossoms of my mesquite tree foregrounded against the rapidly changing sunset. So I was thinking about the rhythm of the myriad lines as well as seasonal and daily rhythms.
Under the OverpassNorth Ohio Street, Salina, Kansas
Snaking hoseI tried to capture the rhythm of the coiled hose snaking along the river rock in my front yard.
Deep Down Rhythm
Get set ready goooe
Rothenthurm BridgePretty little bridge near my house.
Just PlayingNot sure if I'll leave this one or not. Just playing around, but haven't found my rhythm yet.
Stone roadThe shot I took horizontally. I think you meant that the lines go horizontally, right? It did not look that nice at the other angle. I deleted them.
Here and there half and half
Looking to LandA lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Happy toesJust the girls.
Duck making it's own wayOk, this is my favorite. I have so many of these from this angle but the duck adds another pattern to the scene and I like the harmony.
Cat walkFunny to find this in an industrial area. A bathroom and a cat walk up to a window with flower pots but no flowers. It's a good thing there is a reflection of a tree in that window.
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