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Canada goose being a storkThis is as close as I got to saying 'wild' this weekend. I have never seen a Canada goose perch on a roof top like this. It just sat there and honked for quite a while.
McKenzie's RabbitWhen I finished my chores and went back out into the yard to check on Evan and McKenzie, they each had a hold of the camera, and were butting heads trying to push their eye up to the viewfinder so they could take a picture. McKenzie was yelling "my turn, my turn" and the poor rabbit popped his head up to see what was going on. McKenzie got a turn to take a shot, just before Evan grabbed the camera back to photograph the bunny tail flying around the corner of the house.
Evan's RabbitI was moping just a bit about not having the opportunity this week to photograph any truly wild places, then yesterday evening Evan took McKenzie outside to play while I vacuumed the kitchen. :) When they stepped outside into the back yard, Evan got all excited, and exclaimed "Dad! Is that a wild rabbit? Can I photograph it for the assignment?" Of course I couldn't ignore his excitement, so I set up the tripod and camera for him and let him photograph while I went about my chores.
".....people hearing without listening..."Hearing and seeing the Duo live...and take home 8GB (14-bit NEF) worth of images was just beyond my wildest dream....I am really so very happy. Growing up in rural Philippines in the late 60's, my day is made whenever I hear their voices and listen to their lyrics in AMRadio......I don't have access then to any medium to be able to form a visual imagination of their faces.
It's all in the eyesThis is a pretty damp and swampy area I took this in. Sometimes I find it hard to pick which photos I want to post. Hence, the deleting and uploading. And Jo, in case you read this, you really do have amazing eyes!
StartledI wanted to show that the eyes and body language can be wild too. (The outfit is an added touch.) Jo has the most expressive eyes from anyone I know and she came along (in heels, I might add) to help me out with these photos. We only had about an hour in the morning and we went to three different places. Swampy and muddy locations. Jo, if you are checking this out, thank you for making my birthday memorable, I could not have spent a better morning than taking pictures. It made my whole day!
Arkansas Stream in the WildCentral Arkansas - As pretty as they are, the Arkansas woods are scruffy, wild, and thick with poison ivy.
Below the Beaver DamThis is Arkansas, on the edge of Hot Springs Village - The wildest things are hidden in the grass. It isn't as wild, though, as my back yard which turned into a big weed patch while I was on vacation. But now it's all in bloom and too pretty to mow. Anyway, this is pretty straightforward. I did a little exposure blending to keep texture in the sky, a bit of softlight dodging and burning, and the normal local sharpening. I shoot in program mode a lot, but I overide auto by 'dialing in' the aperture I want. There wasn't much real action in the water so those done with slow shutter speeds didn't enhance it much. The surface of the pool is thick with duckweed, so it's a very green world.
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