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Salt FlatsThis was taken at Death Valley yesterday. It was interesting to me how the salt flats kind of give the feel of the seaside; yet this was most definitely not the sea! I did a little editing -- cropping, a little play with a few other things.
Rainy Day in ArkansasNo, I don't have the sense to come in out of the rain. These are Arkansas woods in this morning's rain. To get a litle bit more painterly effect I added a (duplicate) layer, gave it a dry-brush effect, and set the dry-brushed layer to a soft-light blend (about 50% opacity). Then I did a bit of local sharpening after merging those layers. - I usually do this by sharpening the entire image, then I add a mask to the sharpened layer, use the paint bucket to fill it with black (making the entire layer transparent), then use a white brush to bring in the areas I want to be a touch more defined.
Water GardenThe red bud trees over the pond at Botanica almost straight out of the camera. Did a shadows and highlights adjustment in photoshop and picked the vivid color mode.
Impression of TulipsNo modifications in Photoshop. Slight exposure and contrast adjustment (and crop) in Nikon Capture NX (raw processor). I shot the scene backlit in an attempt to capture the abrupt changes in tonality common to impressionism. I focused in front of the tulips in the foreground, in an attempt to get the appropriate amount of blur on the tulips in the background. If I were to adjust the image any in Photoshop, I would probably add a slight blur to the background bushes. I might have been able to do this by using a slightly larger aperture, but was pressed for time. Next time I will probably use "aperture bracketing" to produce several different variations to chose from.
My spanish guitarra gently moving
Impression of LaurenMega cool four-leaf clover. P.S. The only thing done to this shot was that I cropped it. Normally, this would be a boo-boo.
Wind chime before the stormThe weather changed radically Tuesday night - lots of wind, threats of rain. The trees were blowing a lot, creating obvious movement, and I also played with moving the camera. I had the feel of being in the moment and the movement. I tried fill flash and know the bottom of the chime is a problem but I haven't had time to figure out how to do anything about it. Again, no photo-shopping - just pretty much out of the camera and am interested in hearing ideas about what to do, if anything, and if it works.
Backyard tree softerI tried to make it softer than this but then it loses the tonality.
Rasta RickI believe this fits the assignment this week, but I'm not sure. If it doesn't I can remove the file. I actually did this a year ago for a Photoshop homework assignment. I took a picture of Rick and then painted it. When I started, I hated the assignment, but by the time I finished it (around 8 hrs later) I found I had enjoyed it.
Walking out from photoshop
FlowerPowerImpressionism by Photoshop (mostly)
Interpretation of ImpressionismTo see how I did this, please see the picture of the files.
Files of the flowers used for the imagesI took some pictures of these flowers in my garden by ripping some colored paper behind them. Then I simply layered them and created the two pictures. I did not use any artistic tool, simply layered and feathered. I like the outcome of both pictures. I figured it was ok to play with the photos as this is a project on impressionism.
Woods-Lined Bank and CabinLight spills over fresh spring growth, behind the Charles Rogler cabin (1859), at Pioneer Bluffs, north of Matfield Green, Kansas. Further down, a clear-water stream courses of white limestone, beneath a flowering redbud tree.
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