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Leroy the Lab with friend!Cropped Version
Leroy the Lab with friend!Original Version
Bodie and I playing with her favorite soccor ball, original version.
Bodie and I playing with her favorite soccor ball, cropped version.
Acacia in bloom - upcropped
Acacia in bloom - Crop 1This crop narrows the focus and while still showing the branch structure of the tree and blossoms.
Acacia in bloom - Crop 2This is the tightest crop which brings the focus closest to the bee and blossom while still maintaining the lines of the branches and the detail of the open and not-yet-open blossoms. The bee isn't quite as sharp as I would have liked so maybe the 1st crop is the best?
OriginalLunch at seaside
cropped version
Lilacs - with a touch more colorThat's a good idea -- and here's a treatment with a bit more of the original vase and lilac color blended in. Which do you think is the better treatment? Sometimes I prefer the new version, then the other.
Lilaces - original frame
Lilacs - croppedFound on a table at Pioneer Bluffs, just north of Matfield Green, Kansas. A bit of flash was bounced off the wall behind me to balance lighting. Color balance of the black/white image was nudged a little toward red to warm the image. A whisper of the original image colors was also blended in.
Full frame
Out of Hibernation - cropAmong of the surprises of Spring are all the small things that make a reappearance after months of being lost under the cast-off foilage of autumn. This family of plaster rabbits is shaking off the dead leaves at Toad Hollow Daylily Farm, in Emporia, Kansas.
And Cropped AgainA little tighter than I would normally crop, and the background is still a little distracting, but I did manage to pull a somewhat decent image from the jumble.
Pink PansyOK, that's a little better, although the background is still a bit to distracting for my taste.
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