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EvanEven though this is not part of our assignment, I had to post this picture of Evan. For those of you that haven't had the pure pleasure of meeting him, he is the nicest, most polite 4 year old I have ever met.
Juniper TreeThis was also taken at Garden of the Gods at the Spirit of Photography Outing. It was great to have Keith, Rebecca and the kids back to visit!!! Keith let us use his Gold reflector.
Story TellerTime was a challenge this week so I used stuff I had on hand -- one of my story teller dolls and my car sunscreen. It seemed like the differences in the reflected and unreflected light shots were subtle and consisted of the presence of shadows and just a bit more light on the subject.
The crazy set-upPicture a dog next door that howled every time I crinkled the reflector, a fairly hefty breeze and a lot of clouds. I tried to position the screen with one hand while shooting with the other (yep! I need a tripod!). This isn't for voting, just for laughs! I had fun trying to figure out reflection techniques and clearly have much to learn!
CactusShot on our "outing" to Garden of the Gods this morning. We used the silver reflector from the side to shed a little more light on this cactus in the shade.
Juniper TreeShot on our "outing" to Garden of the Gods this morning. Keith was still holding the gold reflector from the side of the Juniper.
Juniper treeShot on our "outing" to Garden of the Gods this morning. Keith was my assistant holding the gold reflector from the side to reflect more light into the interior of the branches.
Our instructor for the dayEvans lesson fof the day was to remember that to take a good photo there are two things to remember, make sure the picture isn't blury and take a pretty photo. We all had a great time with the Snell family today.
Future PhotographerAgain McKenzie showing us that if you hold your tongue just right the photography is easy!
Future PhotographerMckenzie was showing us how her father's camera worked
Super CuteArt Walk, Emporia, Kansas - Dunno if this meets the criteria, but I spotted these young artists with their crafts during yesterday's Art Walk downtown. They were set up in the shade, but sunlight reflected off of the sidewalk to give a nice even illumination. So... mmm... I used a large concrete reflector panel.
Hard working photographerMcKenzie working hard to photograph in Garden of the Gods -- note the tounge :-) Keith held the reflector which acted like fill flash on her. Only wish I could have gotten more depth of field :-)
EvanEvan, photographing in Garden of the Gods with a little help from his photo assistant.
JuniperShot on our "outing" to Garden of the Gods this morning. Rick was kind enough to hold a silver reflector from the side of the Juniper in order to reflect more light into the interior of the branches and open up the shadows a bit (otherwise the center of the tree would have been in dark shadows). This tree had tremendous "character" and I could have photographed here all day playing with the different compositions.
Slice of sunshineI used a reflective white board for this. I took the shot outside in the sun. I stuck the slice on a piece of plexiglass to hold it upright.
The Olympic OpeningShot in N.O. Insectarium where the ways of a red ants colony is shown behind a glass. The lens hood of my 105/2.8 was kissing the thick glass, hence the fuzzy image. Bounced (reflected???) light from the SB-900 (i-TTL) on the D700.
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