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King of the fireplaceThis guy graces the fireplace at Falcon's Landing in Virginia. I shot it with no flash but there was side lighting from the lamps that I couldn't control. I like his expression.
Stained glassThis was shot in the chapel at my parents' retirement community. Not sure if I got within the zones or not but it was an interesting assignment!
Hunting Centerpiece, WB correctedI opened Rebecca's file in Photoshop and used the "gray" eyedropper in the curves adjustment to snap the colors to neutral. I find this sometimes works to correct color shifts caused by white balance issues.
Hunting centerpieceI took this under florescent lights in a gym, so the lighting was not good. I did have to go to manual to get the camera to expose it right--unfortunately, I had to bump up the ISO because of the lighting, so it is a bit noisy. I was trying to get the detail in the dark parts of the arrangement.
CabinLooked sad.
Bunge Soybean Plant - BWI grabbed a couple quick shots this morning, planning to do HDR but have some memory card corruption and have only recovered parts of the sets. That kind of thing happens. This plant is really pretty when there's a colorful sunrise or sunset. Too cloudy for that this morning.
Bunge Soybean Plant - colorNo clouds in the mountains, but do have steam over the soybean plant.
Red Winelow key exercise, back light source, on a glass surface
Reflectionslow key exercise, backlit, glass surface
Recadoslow key exercise, one directional light source, 1 reflector for fill light
Sweet Chilislow key exercise, one directional light source
bouquetlow key exercise, 1 light source with diffuser, 1 reflector for fill light, on a reflective surface
A Cow's WorldMy attempt to make a "low key" image out of a file that really wasn't low key. I was tempted to say that I followed Dave's example and got on my belly in the muck for the picture, but I won't go that far. :)
Black Angus
GuitarStarting to feel like I am the only one doing this... Feeling lonely... The guitar photos were done by painting the light into the picture with a flash light diffused with toilet paper.
Waiting to be played.I think this is my favorite. Next to my camera, this is my favorite instrument. I painted the light on with a mini flash light. I diffused the light with a toilet paper roll and some toilet paper taped to the end.
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