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A spot of teaTea Party at Grandmas after church
Bodie thinks she is human!Bodie is our 4 year old Yellow Lab who thinks she is part human. She loves to get under the covers and rest her head on the pillow. It is hard to get a photo of her in this position because as soon as she sees you move she is up and ready to play. I had to be the stelth photographer to get this shot at 5:30am.
The confused, the sleepy and the skepticI took this pic aiming for the middle boy who is obviously sleepy and can't help falling asleep in the middle of wedding ceremony, didn't really notice the other 2 boys were bored as well.
The Punch Line"Party Stories"
Safe!The classic moment in baseball! The runner running home from third. The umpire preparing to make the call. The fans waiting in anticipation.
Chickadee in flightFocus isn't the best, but it makes me happy whenever I see it.
Freeze!!Ashlynn and friends frozen in this moment in time - a session of freeze dancing to get out the wiggles prior to heading back inside.
Stuckabout 2 1/2 weeks ago before we had 70 degree temps here to melt the deep snow. This gas truck became stuck on our dirt road after a near miss with a stalled snowmobile.Watching the tow-truck get him out was pretty amazing considering how our road there is at such a peculiar slant.
David & BeefyAfter finishing the dishes I noticed David had fallen asleep in our then 40 degree weather in the sun on the porch WITH Beefy on his back! I took this through the kitchen window so I didn't disturd them!
Pollen GatheringThe first bee of the season, always a landmark moment around our yard.
Magical ThumbThis is my daughter Kaya, she was about 2 yrs old then (8/16/08) when I was using my 1-week old D700 as P&S since that was all I know....until Keith liberated me in knowing the D700 and exposures using the modified Zone System by Ansel Adams.
Moment No. 1 Good grade - not so good gradeThe twins got their test results from Friday back today. I waited for them outside with the camera. I knew they did well because we practiced a lot before the test, so I expected the run home with big smiles. Turns out, my daughter did not do as well as she thought, so this turned out to be an unexpected moment after all. (Although she did really well.)
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