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Colorado Grass and Mountains
kid focusThe kids were more focused on all the fun things in the lake, but it kept them still for a moment to allow for a little smaller aperture on the S3 to get more depth of field. I just guessed at the distance and had the camera on its widest focal length.
Star BallroomAnd just for fun, this was found on edge of the tracks in Chanute yesterday. I assume the inside is fancier.
Cut Corn StalksAnd further back at the farm, here are some rows of corn stalks and a another out-building, photographed using the about the same technique. I should have used a bit more depth-of-field on this one.
Windblow-Grass alt 2Yes, I should have left this up. Here's one of the other versions of 'wind blown grass & barn' just for comparison.
Windblow-Grass alt 1Here's on of the other versions of the grass image, just for comparison. Leaving in more sky helps show some of the symmetry between the cloud forms and the movement in the grass. I need to try some studies with cirrus clouds.
Wind-blown Grass and BarnGreenwood County, Kansas - The patterns that form in weathered grass is one of my favorite things, but the old farm in the background adds a bit more for the eye to explore and adds some context. I used my 12-24mm Nikkor set at its widest, then closed the aperture to f14, then focused about a 1/3 way into the scene. Although I'd put a DOF calculator on my iPod it wasn't with me so I used my best instincts on this one.
A struggleI had more than enough time to set up my tripod on the stairs, check the chart, adjust, focus, and take a couple of shots, before this elderly couple even made it up the stairs.
To the MonasteryAgain, followed the chart, no idea anymore what the distance was.
Exploring the BeachI was using fill flash (to fill in the shadows on McKenzie's face), and therefore set the shutter speed to its max synch speed of 1/250 sec, which gave me an aperture of f18. I focused on McKenzie at 5 feet, and knew that I would have more than enough depth of field at 18mm and f18 to keep the entire scene in focus.
Algae BloomEverything is still brown as we transition from Winter into Spring, so finding an interesting "scenic" to photograph was a challenge. This algae is the first "bloom" I've seen this spring.
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