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CottonA sample of cotton fabric from an old garment found in a local antique store.
Snowy ridge shot at BryceI was totally challenged by this assignment, realizing I need to find the metering and manual settings for dummies book. So, I ended up pulling out this picture from Bryce Canyon over Presidents Day Weekend and will look forward to the day I start to understand this stuff!!
Photo BearI waited for the snow that never came, and so had to scramble to find another subject for this week's assignment. McKenzie's bear was pressed into service in order to provide an example of Zone VII metering. The fact that he was backlit sitting in the chair in front of the window made this a more challenging shot. I spot metered on the brightest part of the bear (the top of his head), set my manual exposure at +2 EV on the exposure scale, and then pulled back to compose the image. I experimented a bit in order to confirm that spot metering on the brightest area and setting +2.0EV did indeed provide the optimum exposure. Any higher exposure clipped the highlights in the backlit fur, while a lower exposure resulted in the rest of the image being too dark.
Walking in the Snow
Weird spot for a crossI shot this in RAW so I converted it lighter. I find it hard to see the line between the sky and the hill.
Li'l AngelI was spotting for some snow outside but I found her instead. I thought maybe she would be suitable for this assignment. I was also contemplating between colored & BW on this one.
Eggs in Lineone of the few things I can find for this assignment. Dunno if I get this right.
Famous Snow
A cross in a weird spot.This would be too much, wouldn't it? I see details only if I zoom in enough. I read your comments and thank you for being supportive but all I did was try to take the photo at the high end of the histogram. And I read the comments from the moon shot. How do you compensate for overexposure? Is this the bracketing sequence?
Full MoonTook this at +2 on Manual; however, I realized my exposure compensation was on -.3, so it was really at +1.7. I found this hit the exposure perfect. It was hard to spot meter on the brightest part of the moon as my meter spot was bigger than that brightest part, so that probably affected the reading a bit too. Very fun to hit the exposure dead on the first try though - neat to shoot in manual!!
Angel of DunlapWell, I'm struggling with this assignment. We stopped by Dunlap Cemetery this afternoon to capture an image of an old favorite, looking to play with the whites of the granite. I have some other things to try but may not have time to get to them.
Etzel farm
EtzelAny more exposure and it loses an awful lot of detail.
EtzelNot sure what to put on descriptions.
HorseNo idea if I did this assignment right. My meter only goes to +2.
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