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Food for my soul These are the two things that keeps me going (aside from family of course).1) Taking photographs..I have to do that anytime I have the chance. 2) I have to watch my Korean Dramas!!! LOL!!! It's gotta be Korean ok, I have quite a bit collection in the last 2 years this keeps me up all night till early am on the days I don't have to work, I don't even speak Korean, I read the english subtitles :) I watch 1/mo they're usually 16-20 episodes, its addicting 2me. :)
Cranberry Nut BarsFood for the soul to me is just about anything that is baked!
Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Food for the mindGuess What?
Natural BridgeBryce Canyon, Utah
Mother natures food for the soul
Natural Bridge PanoramicBryce Canyon, Utah
Garden of the Gods, Colorado
SnowmanAnyone who knows me knows I love snowmen. I've built them on mountain tops, built little ones that have ridden on the hood of the car "Mr. Bill!!", I just love them. So, definite food for my soul on Monday when we had perfect snow and a beautiful still morning to share my passion with Evan and Mac.
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