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Wine & Grapes
Waiting for a spring connections
Cable ConnectionsWe purchased a surround sound system for our TV I just remembered all the connections that had to be made to make it work! It took me about 3 hours to hook it up but it works great so I must have made all the correct connections.
Seeding the next generationBotanica Family day at the garden - McKenzie and Evan got to plant seeds to plant a life long love of gardening and nurturing nature.
Nature, man made, and a little boyI thought the sculpture and Evan's natural curiosity reflected each other and the connection we naturally have to nature if it is just allowed to grow.
Wooden bear underwaterA picture of a wooden bear at "dalälven" a river north of sweden
A little bit in Elliots style i hope
Urban DeerAs I was working in the garage this evening (with a noisy jigsaw), I turned to see a "gang" of urban deer in our neighbors yard. The deer have learned that it is safer in the suburbs, where they're not hunted and the mountain lions rarely come. I call them "gangs" because sometimes they do act like a bunch of juvenile delinquents. They'll destroy a garden, and I'm pretty sure it was this "gang" that knocked down our wooden fence making a quick getaway from our garden.
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