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Glow of another yearI took this shot at my Dad's birthday celebration. We had turned the room lights off and I set the camera on 'daylight' white balance like Keith suggested and took this with no flash. The camera captured the blue glow of the LED Christmas lights in our window and the warm glow of the candle light. Thankfully, my Dad's face reflected more of the candle light than the blue LED light :-)
Reflected GlowI was a delinquent and only got out once this week to photograph for the assignment, so I decided to post another example from my files. (I won't add it to the voting thread.) To get a real sense of what this image should look like, you should view it in a color managed browser like Safari. The colors are significantly off in Internet Explorer. Second, the red channel clips significantly in sRGB, so I had to lower the exposure in my raw processor. This image is much more vibrant in adobeRGB color space.

The "glow" on the rock formation in this image comes from the early morning sunlight reflecting off the red slope in front of "Thors Hammer" and back to the rock formation. The "secret" of getting those intense reds in canyon country is to use reflected light.
outside inside
Star of lightA quick snapshot shot at 4700k
TwilightAs common as it may seem, I decided to go ahead and use dawn-twilight-sunrise as my subject for this assignment. Basically I haven't really tried any sunrise pics and I want to have one so I thought this is the perfect time to do that. Taken facing east in our backyard @ 0651. I was fascinated by the way the weak sunlight and soft array of warm-to-cool colors silhouette the trees. WB as shot @ Temp 5650K. Minimal contrast & vibrance adjustment. In real life it was a beautiful vista that marks a new day.

Shutter Speed 10/80 sec
Manual Exposure
Aperture Value f/5.6
ISO 100
focal Length 52mm
Tree ShadowI ventured into the mountains yesterday and saw this tree shadow on the rock. I thought it showed some warm color in the cool shadow of the tree.
Pine Cone
Lights of the SeasonLike most people I've been hiding inside and staying warm over the past week, but I ventured into our front yard for a couple quick photos, when neighbors still had their Christmas lights lit. Some warm-tone incandescent, some green from a street lamp, and cool morning colors all mixing in the snow cover.
Evening LightA simple image, but I was hoping to illustrate the difference in color between direct sunlight and shade from an open sky. The depressions in the snow are in their own shade, and are being lit only by the blue light from an open sky. It's subtle, but you should be able to see the difference between the snow directly lit by the warmer light from the setting sun, and the bluer shadows.

In "real life" I perceived this scene as being warmer than it is being shown here; however I decided not to mess with the colors in post processing, other than setting the white balance to a more realistic 5800 kelvin.
Night Light
Winter EuphoriaShot from John Lerh-Nissen's graphic poster "Euphoria" on my wall. Light: single fluorescent ceiling bulb on the the right of the image. Spotmetered the yellow on the left lower part of the graphic to +1.5EV. In-camera: 14-bit NEF, linear curve, aRGB colorspace, UniWB (so I can see if the Red channel is clipped). Changed WB to incandescent in CNX2. C&C please.
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