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woodland fancyI hope this made it for the assignment on time! I also hope I have the "Potential" to become an Artisit. Something I've wanted to try other than photography. This was made of presed flower,leaves,burlap,seashells,mineral makeup and all is held together with melted beeswax!
The NapDad let Mom take a 2 hour nap today which had the POTENTIAL to earn him a big kiss. However, she woke to find McKenzie and Evan in this big mess. Keith said it showed McKenzie's potential to be a city planner!
PhotographerI have all the tools to potentially take good photographs. I just need to read and understand all the manuals. My resolution this year is to complete Keith's assignments, no matter how confused I am.
Potential Flat Tire
"Draw Something?"McKenzie's most common request is "draw something?" She will continue to ask until we let her draw. She love's music and language too, and might just be our "liberal arts" major.
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