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Grandad's GiftGrandad helped McKenzie free her new doll (that he and Grandma gave her) from its packing - took a while. She stood patiently waiting the whole time.
Amaryllis RedWhen we received this gift it was just a green stalk with several buds. We now have 5 beautiful flowers.
Bodie Finds Her GiftBodie left all the gifts under the tree alone except hers! I guess that big nose is good for something.
Mom's LoveEvan not only asked for a Batman cape for himself for Christmas, but one for his "bat girl" as well. In typical Rebecca fashion, she used scraps of material left from long ago projects to whip together a beautiful set of reversible capes (batman and superman) for the dynamic duo. I think the smile on her face says it all. Who couldn't love this wonderful woman?
ElgieElgie, resting in the afternoon during a family visit. One of the gifts was the animated puppy at his left which sings "We woof you a merry Christmas" while wiggling its ears and moving its head. I liked the warmth of the setting and light through the basement apartment window. The lamp post out of the top of his head is unfortunate... oh well..
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