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BonfireWe have a lot of 'Aggies' in our family and we uphold the Texas A&M tradition of a bonfire before the A&M v. tu football game every year at Thanksgiving at the ranch. Our bonfire is a bit smaller than the 100 plus foot bonfire at A&M, but we sing the fight songs and roast hot dogs and smores all the same--just like we used to in college.
Waterford Crystal Christmas Tree OrnamentI started to collect Waterford Crystal Christmas tree ornaments in 1978 when they were around $12. Over the years, it has become the tradition for my Mom to buy me the current year's ornament. She hides them & tries to make me think she forgot to buy it. One year she placed it on the tree and another year, she purchased cookies in a tin container. She took off the plastic seal, put the ornament in the tin and reglued the plastic seal.
FootologyA Hindu bride would have her feet decorated before she gets married. I've attended several family Hindu weddings which is an event filled with colour and textures.
Don't Blink!Fathers and daughters have their own traditions. Here Ashlynn & Alek are engaged in the "Don't blink" tradition.
Driving HomeAnother part of the tradition is traveling to spend time with family. This is from the night ride home this evening, comped from a few different images to get exposure and focus working throughout the scene. The curving lights is a semi-trailer truck blowing by.
BakingI also thought it was a tough assignment, but a good one. So I stuck my camera in the oven to get part of the dinner evolution. I'm not sure, but I think under the foil is 'oyster corn', a traditional holiday dish in our family.
Football Rivalries TraditionThis was a hard subject and I have been thinking all week and finally this morning when I was watching “College Game Day” on ESPN I realized that one of my traditions is to watch Florida State and Florida game each Thanksgiving Weekend. FSU did not win this year but I will always try to watch that game. This photo was taken this morning while watching the pregame festivities.
Working CattleRebecca's entire family gathers at the ranch to work Fall calves every Thanksgiving. The picture isn't quite the same now that they have retired the horses and use 4-wheelers. It's hard but fulfilling work.
Old Tradition, new pieI made a pecan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving this year - has a gingersnap crust - combines all traditional Thanksgiving pies and cookies into one.
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