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Emanuel JacksonWe met a most likeable man on the streets of Bushong, Kansas today. Emanuel Jackson stopped his pickup truck to chat with us. Fellow photographer, Tom Parker, and I were photo-exploring the small town. When I asked about the flags mounted in the truck Emanuel said they were in honor of his daughter Gloria, who has done two tours in Iraq and is now stationed in Korea.
Merlin at the fenceMerlin is our next door neighbors dog. When we go outside he almost always comes over and stands up at the fence to visit.
The DepotA local resturant with some character and yes, they are near the train tracks.
Polish DollThis simple doll from Poland is over 41 years old. I was facinated with how the creator managed to instill so much "character" into such a simple figure. There are no facial features or expressions, yet we instantly recognize the flamboyant personnality of this figure. The artist was obviously a great study of human nature, and the stance, dress, and frizzy blonde hair of the figure instantly strike a chord.
Many Listen to a Wise Man Speak
Soocer Charcters
Character Window
Heritage HomeI liked the moss roof as it added some color and additional character to this old building.
Colorful Characters
The CurveI think who ever built these guiderails on a straight stretch of road,must have as much "character" about themselves.
The Window
Goblin rockAs we hiked near Santa Fe Lake, this rock peeking out caught my eye. Maybe images of Halloween still dance in my head, but I think it looks like a goblin peaking out.
Life's a pretzelTried to capture Mac's carefree, 'life's just a big game' character. She's our have no fear, plow straight in little girl.
Brotherly loveMost of the time Evan truly loves McKenzie and is quite a protective big brother. Then there are the other moments :-)
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