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Jackie KennedyRug Hooking by Elizabeth LeForte,Cheticamp,Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,Canada
Day of the Dead Ofrenda (Alter)One of the alters on display at the El Dia de los Muertos festival in Las Vegas -- where families or groups honor the memory of deceased relatives. In addition to the proliferation of skulls, candles and food, note the coffin made of dried beans and the colorful Mexican flowers.
WoodcarverI like this one a little better, There was something a little creepy about the first choice. As I watched the carving action it was interesting to see the character of the piece develop, until the sculpture seemed to look back at the artist.
Hubble's Rubble "Lawn Art" in the ranching community of Howard, Kansas. Part of a collection of lawn sculptures made from farm implements and other junk. The hand-made sign in front identifies them as "Hubble's Rubble."
Perpetual InspirationI think that art, in its naked nature, inspires us to be better for what we are and I feel this profound comfort that the soul of this inspiration is inherent from our children. We have nothing and yet we have them.......they are my miracles and my folk heroes.

Keith, it's perfectly OK to delete this entry if you think that it does not satisfy the parameters for the "Folk Art" assignment.....I just have so much fun with my family this past Halloween and this is the best that I could share with the Community.
Where should we go next?
Creppy GuyNot your traditional folk art but hey it's Halloween!
Holoween Skeleton
Milk Bottle SkeletonThis is a skeleton made only from 1 gallon plastic milk jugs and rope.
Chain Saw BearI think this bearcould be considered folk art. When I was shoveling today, I happened to see the bear and thought it fit.
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