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Red BarnI love Red Barns. I would have like bluer skies but overall I was happy with this one. I missed the "crop" feature from post processing the most but it was good practice.
Typical VermontI like the color and the light in this picture. I should have increased the depth of field to try and capture the trees in the background.
Woodcarver's Shop 1I'm working on a photo story about master woodcarver Millard Harrell. This was captured using an off-camera Sb900 flash with a home-made flash diffuser.
PatternStraight from my Iphone
Bodie & Rick
11 Mile Reservoir
Fall Color
Painting FallLearned how to use fill flash with manual exposure with the S3 with this shot.
Vivid RedI tried this shot with my S3 in manual, cloudy white balance, and 'vivid red' in the 'my colors' selection. Fun using the different settings!
Spooky1Do you believe?? As you can tell my angle is directly straight on and very close up for this shot. I was trying to capture the clouds and trees because they were reflecting in the 4-wheeler's headlight.After looking over my photos this morning, I noticed what "appears" to be a man standing next to me on my left.I was alone! Mike was wandering through the woods. It would seem I caught an apparition on camera! How strange is that! Especially with Halloween so close! Spooky isn't it!
Spooky2As Mike came out of the woods in FRONT of me,it appears the "apparition" is turning away! On the next bright sunny morning I am going to return to the same spot and try the same shots again to see what happens!
Yellow lab having fun in Lake Michigan
White ButterflyAll I have is Elements. 99% of my shots remain straight from the camera.
Street photography IIStraight from my Iphone
Street PhotographyStraight from my Iphone
Orionid Meteors?Opinions on this please! Took this just because I liked the look the weather vane had against the dark sky (before the total sunrise) but after transfering the pics to the computer and seeing them enlarged,I at first I thought it was glare,did I perhaps happen to catch some of the meteors at the right time by accident?
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