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Waterfall's EdgeMore in my personal style (as a flatland dirt and weed photographer) this is autumn grass found this afternoon, softly backlit by a steamy artificial waterfall. Wild grasses are one of my favorite subjects, especially when the colors of this season are in play. I often like a little randomness in my compositions.
River View in Eldorado (revised)The earlier version added light to the trees, but this scene is really all about the play of light on the water, especially the sparkling patch of floating leaves, and that got lost. So I started from scratch, making light on the water the center of attention again, and a better fit to the assignment.
Autum leaves
Cueing leading light
River View at El DoradoHere's a reworked version. I used PhotoMatix to do a pseudo HDR from the raw file, merged in some portions from the original (to fix some sky problems introduced by PhotoMatix), then warmed up the color balance a bit.
Bodie resting in the woods
Aspen Leaf or FishI was hiking and happened to see this aspen leaf with the sun showing through from behind it and highlighting the dew on the backside of the leaf. Sue thought it looked like a fish.
Backlit grassNot quite the "Leading Light" shot I was looking for, but I made the best of what little light we had this morning to backlight the blowing grass.
lazy riverI used focus stacking and some expsoure blending to get this image. Also helped using the 70-200mm lens as it cut out a lot of distractions around this.
'Duck' into fallWith the itty bit of sun we had, I thought the light kind of highlighted the center duck and the beautiful reeds behind him.
Morning SpotlightPosting this again as the previous one looked too dark to me.
Seeing What is Inside
As You Like ItThe leaf is the stage, the sun the spotlight.
Fall ReflectionNot exactly what I envisioned when I started the "Leading Light" assignment, but the best I could do with heavy overcast skies. I'll try again tomorrow.
After the RainThis our 4-Wheeler trail to the Stone Quarry. Fall again this year isn't as colorful as one would like!
I photo-shopped a small portion at the tree tops where the light broke through to "narrow" it a bit more.
Rose of SharonThe sunshine didn't last long,but happened to see it "cupped" in this Rose of Sharon bush.
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