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Rosa Fix and SpiritDr. Joyce Thiere, of Ride into History, portrays the character Rosa Fix. A fill flash set at -1 was used to tame the dappled lighting in the front of the barn. The mottled lighting was chosen to add energy to natural light and to play on the patterns in the horses' coloring.
The Piano
leaf fill flashi couldn't resist to play a little with flash effect !!
Peek a boo in the shadowsFrye's rock garden in Elk Falls, KS
Old Elephants (from the 1930's)Frye's rock garden in Elk Falls, KS
Reading is FunWithout flash, the light through the window would have been "blown out" and the children would have been in deep shadow. I compensated with -1 exposure compensation for ambient and used fill flash with -0.7 EV exposure compensation to supplement the ambient light on the children.
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