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Not my placeCaught this shot of the wing rider at the flight festival we attended this weekend. That is one place I really would not care to be.
Saturday night cruising north of the Vegas strip I wanted to capture a part of Vegas that is not typically shown in popular views of the strip, yet I felt I should include an image (the Stratosphere) that helps to identify the place. In the background you can see a construction project underway, depicting the continued investment in building in a city ranked at the top of the foreclosure lists. The moon appears above the "motel" sign. (Any suggestions about how I could have more clearly captured it so it doesn't look like a street light?)
Dreaming of FlightWichita Flight Festival
From Old to YoungI thought this scene captured the "spirit" of the Wichita Flight Festival. This older gentleman was delighted to show Evan how to fly his multi-million dollar plane.
Wing WalkerWichita Flight Festival. Wichita is the historical home of Cessna, Beach, Stearman, Boeing, Learjet, and many other aircraft companies, and current home of many airplane lovers.
Leadville 100 WinnerThis shot was taken after Lance won the Leadville 100. Unfortunately, many of us never saw the finish as the press swarmed the finish line and blocked our view. As you can see, by this picture, there are lots of cameras around.
Leadville 100 Bike RaceThis sea of helmets was the start of the Leadville 100 Bike Race a few weeks ago. There were over 1500 mountain bike riders racing 100 miles up and down the mountains in Leadville, CO. Lance Armstrong won the race in 6hrs and 28 minutes, the rest were still finishing at 13 hours. It was really amazing to see the start with so many riders.
Somewhere Up ThereRelaxing @ 11000 ft
A very Blue Lagoon in Iceland
The Road Less Traveled
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