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floating heartsOn my Kodak ZD710 I put it on the night portrait setting,when you take the pic experiment rotating the camera at different angles or as Rick suggested.Melissa taught me when we were doing the fireworks pictures I have in my album.Leave it to the kids to figure these things out first!
Star so brightThe filter is actually for a pentax k-1000,it doesn't fit my camera,I just held it in front of the lens.
tree lights4 star filter again.
Ribbons of LightRebecca did a beautiful job decorating our tree this year; however she only used white lights. I wanted my image to be colorful, and so chose a macro image of the lights through the translucent bow of one of the presents.
Swarovski Xmas Ornament
Hyperspace Christmas!I was playong around and this made me think of how Luke Skywalkers Christmas Lights would look.
Christmas Spirit in WisconsinI found in the below zero weather it was more difficult to get the settings accurate for a good picture.... This house is near my house and every year they deck their place out. It's nice to see the Spirit of Christmas in our area.
Evan and McKenzie's first real treeVery special Christmas this year in our 'new' old home :-) We went and picked one out in freezing cold weather, but Evan was delighted and Mac was cozy in the sling. Now it warms our home with the glow of its lights.
Lots of memoriesEvery ornament on our tree is from travels or family - now there are very special Evan and McKenzie ornaments too!
Santas Train
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