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with lens flare
Texas SkyI use to drive over the road and always had my camera with me. A storm was blowing in so I grabbed a shot of the sky before the rains hit. Earlier I had this posted and had lens flare. Thanks to Rebecca and her suggestions I learned something new tonight that removed the lens flare.....
PaintingA trip to Michael Baum's Studio
Texas Sky 2At Dusk before the storm blew in I liked this shot so I took it.
Ett lås - A claspAll pictures : Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/25 macro
Manuell, no automatic at all
A simple peg
Heavens Above
view from a dirt road
View from a puddle
MetallicaThis photo was quite heavily edited to create a free flowing effect as can be seen from the original. I rotated, cropped, desaturated, changed the background, distorted the metallic material, played with the exposure, lighting and hue. Took a long time to complete.
Bronze BeautyStraightforward photo using light and shadow to accentuate the curves of the sculpture. Photo editing involved colour saturation and exposure/lighting.
Journey into the colorful world of artEvan takes McKenzie on a colorful journey into art. Keith actually took this picture (at my bidding) and I made it into 'art!' Actually, Keith helped there too - he showed me the 'liquify' tool in Photoshop - fun process. And, yes, we greatly saturated the couch they were sitting on.
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