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What Is This StuffMy grand daughter was looking the leaves and sticks over very closely. She was learning quickly that it wasn't food.
This Isn't Food....I took my 8 month old grand daughter to the park to do a photo shoot. She was crawling around in the leaves but didn't know what they were. So she decided to taste a few. I grabbed my camera and shot this pose of her.
Hide N Seek From Ney NeyMy grandson was 3 yrs old at the time this picture was taken. He was my first grand child at the time, so naturally, I had filled my house full of toys for him to play with but he found pleasure in playing with this ole computer box I had in the basement. I grabbed my camera and he stuck his head out looking adorable as ever. I couldn't resist snapping this shot. A cute expression, it shows the innocense of a child and the simplicity of childs play.
Contemplation08 November 2008. Denver City Park, Denver, Colorado.

My brother enjoying a lovely Autumn day at the Denver City Park.
SHOCKED!This is what happens when little kids put a paperclip in the outlet.
Evan's "Mad" FaceEvan wanted to take a picture of mom's "mad" face for the assignment, but Rebecca couldn't put on a "mad" face without laughing. After a hilarious session of Evan trying to direct mom how to put on a "mad" face, Evan gave up and took a picture of his own "mad" face.
That's Amazing!
He gets so seroius with guitar hero:)His face ALWAYS looks like this when he plays:)
eccentric!Caught my Brother giving a friend an inebriated
smooch she didn't really care to recieve!
Surprised!!!I'm not sure what he said back,but it got her attention!
All I was trying to do was get a picture of Adam in that goofy hat!
DisbeliefMelissa said something to Adam he obviously didn't like!
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