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My New KitchenThis is the beautiful backsplash tile mural Keith found for above our beautiful new gas range that is burried beneath all those tools and plastic and will still not be hooked up to the gas when we leave after 3 weeks - discord :-)
No further comment neededThe turf Cat from Irland meet an Swedish fox
No further comment needed
variance to nature part 2This is the aftermath from the other side of the bridge.It's was soooo amazing how 6 inches of water could do so much damage! The house with all the windows is my Father-in-Laws.Ours is the one furthest to the left.
variance of natureIn order to show the full effect,I had to "paste" the pictures accordingly.We lost so much in that flood!
Wife Lida samples new Soccer Boots & Pads...in Lounge!!I watched Lida putting on her new soccer boots and pads in the lounge and was taken by yet again, one of Life's many 'Discords'!. Grabbed the camera and using the onboard flash which was not strong enough for this room, took the above image. I had to crop, raise the exposure level and tweak a bit in CS3 but felt the image could just scrape in for the Discord assignment!!
A Baby InsideAll my attempts to photograph my daughter. Its plain to see shes there, but that horse stole the show.
Painting DiscordSince the kitchen is all cordoned off for sanding and painting, I moved my coffee maker into the bathroom. Rebecca and Evan followed suit and moved the toaster oven in for breakfast. Notice Evan's seat. :-)
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