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Blue WindowWe are in Taos for the long weekend. Had a lot of fun with this assignment! The blue windows capture the essence of Taos architecture because they are everywhere. This was on an art gallery on a plaza in the old section of Taos. I loved the wavy glass reflecting the oak tree and the autumn leaves on the sill.
Bench and RistraI found this in one of the side plazas in the old section of Taos. I was really drawn to this gnarled old bench. I liked the simple composition, which I think captured the essence of this beautiful city. The warm colors and textures are also pleasing to me. I had to use the level on the camera because the window was not level and neither was the bench. Once again I had trouble with the color space. The chile ristra looked really red in RGB, and the wall and tile were also much more colorful.
Red DoorThere are not near as many red doors in Taos as there are blue windows. If you look carefully at the top of the door and around the lock, you can see it used to be blue. This door is actually at the lodge we are staying in. Captured it late this afternoon with harsh evening sun to bring out the details of the hand carving.
The essence of autumn part1Memoirs on a rainy day
The essence of autumn part2Autumn leafs in sky with diamonds
The essence of autumn part3Inside my greenhouse with spiderman
The essence of autumn part4When the last sun goes down im my garden
AutumnI'll have to admit that I have been neglecting the assignment, and trying to make progress on processing the over 1500 images from our recent trip. I did take a moment to escape to the backyard yesterday evening and capture this "Autumn" image.
A Good OverlookWe hiked to the overlook of Zion canyon and as I was trying to get a shot of the scene, I noticed this bird watcher in my view. Instead of waiting for him to move, I realized he perfectly captured the 'essence' of the overlook. I framed just his profile and the binoculars into the shot as I thought that was enough to capture the 'essence'
DiscardedAs the frost was melting & I was still trying to find my "essence"...I saw the sun glint off this tire up against our garage and just found it interesting.
a chilly rideAfter the kids boarded the bus on a heavily frosted morning,coffee & camera in hand,I wanderd the crisp morning lawn trying to find my "Essence".
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