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Frosted BeautyI initially put this in the "garden" album without even considering it for the "warm light" assignment.I guess with the hectic week here...I just haven't concentrated enough.Thought I would add it for critique.
Another Main Attraction This was suppose to be my Original 1st choice to enter but I had lost it in the sea of pictures on my computer and just found it now.So, I thought I would include it under the "warm light assignment" to share even though it can't be included in the voting.I had only cropped this and gave it slight shadow.I put the vase on the maple flooring and looked down for the shot. the kitchen has flouresent lights.
luminating warm light. Submitted by Sissy Alton Wisconsin
bare and hidden warm light submitted by Sissy Alton Wisconsin
Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Grand Canyon North Rim
main attractionPicked the rose from my Anniversary bouquet to try my still learning skills on.Sunlight and fluorescent lighting in my kitchen were my light source and Picasa2 for cropping and softening.
Sliver of SunsetTaken outdoors from our balcony. No editing except resizing cropping and sharpen.
GlowTaken under candle light; no editing except cropping and resizing.
AmnioticTaken indoors with lights under a glass table with a red tablecloth to get that warm glow. Processed with lighting, colour, tranparency, diffuse glow, noise and hue to give it that hazy look. The final outcome was that she looked like she was in her mother's womb....hence the title Amniotic.
Sunrise Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon Sunrise
Spring WisteriaAfter almost 30 years in the same house, I have been astonished by the best Wisteria flowering ever this year. I looked at images full of colour and flower, but decided to crop away extraneous flowers and present a single 'bunch' of flowers backed by the slightly out of focus Eucalyptus Oreadus and sky. It all seemed 'balanced' to me and was highlighted by the warm spring afternoon sun coming in from the West.
Tawny FrogmouthEvery year at this time the family of Tawny Frogmouth Owls returns to the same tree in Wentworth Falls. This afternoon in the warmth of the evening sun This Owl allowed me near enough to capture this image. Minor 'tweaking' and 'cropping' in CS3 only.
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