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Maroon CreekWe arrived dutifully before sunrise at Maroon Lake to catch the first light on Pyramid Peak. We were there with literally 200 other photographers! The lake was rough and I could not find a spot I liked without other photographers in the shot. We took a nap in the Jeep, then I hiked up Maroon Creek to get this shot. The clouds came in really fast this day and it was raining an hour later.
Crystal Mill at SunsetTaken the same day as the Maroon Bells image. When we got to the Crystal Mill, lots of photographers were already leaving. A guy with a 4x5 was set up in this spot. Unbelievably, he left just before the sunset lit the clouds and I got the shot he abandoned! The clouds also put a nice warm glow on the rocks below the mill. I did a quick stack of two exposures and I need to repair the ridgeline.
Rut SeasonAs rutting begins between two mature males, the young male heads around the action to visit with the ladies!
Rutting BugleThis is rutting season in Rocky Mountain Park.
Yellow Aspen Grove
Yellow Aspen Leaves
Colorado Fall Color
Colorado Fall Foliage
Beginning of Fall in Wisconsin
Wisconsin ColorUploaded for Sissy Alton in Wisconsin
Saturated hill sideFall Aspen, Monarch Pass, Colorado
Golden glowFall Aspen, Monarch Pass, Colorado - 'drive by shooting' - jumped out of the car and shot this before a big semi backed up toward me - driver of that huge rig jumped out and pulled out a tiny camera and hopefully got the shot too!
Autumn at Mesa Verde, ColoradoMesa Verde National Park Colorado - speck of Fall
AspensTaken on Old Stage Road 9-28-08
Used boost action from the Pioneer Woman.
Gold in them thar hills!Taken on Old Stage Road 9-28-08
Used Define and sharpen action and Quick edge burn actions from the Pioneer Woman.
Stockholm SwedenHere we go again another "Fall" picture but i kind off "Fall" in love with this view
(but i promise this will be my last one)
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