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Summer splendor
Indescibable BeautyI was hiking in Yankee Boy Basin and found this by falling and sliding down a slope. Here in front of me was the most perfectly formed Columbine I had ever seen. I spent about 90 minutes trying to capture it's beauty. After many angles and depth of field combinations, I aligned the plane of the sensor to plane the three elements had in common. I was then able to use a shallow depth of field and keep all elements in focus, and reduce the impact of the distracting elements. I hope you like the result.
Just hatchedThese Monarch Butterfly's were raised by my youngest children and after they hatched, were taken from their container and placed on my hanging plant so their wings could fully dry before they took flight.We really enjoyed that so many hatched within minutes of each other!
My guitarAdvantage of a full sensor camera
I can get sharpness exatly where i want it
Simply DadSimple Beauty - a tender moment between Dad and Daughter. Simply Beautiful (to Mom) - a Dad who changes diapers ;-)
Colorado PeachesIn keeping with the theme of finding beauty in our everyday lives, here's an image of Colorado Peaches just before they were served for lunch. (They were delicious!)
lamppicture taken at 1/4000 f-stop 1.4
A simple key to beauty
ButterflyTaken at the Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo.
Imperfection in the morningSpider webs are more beautiful with dew on them.
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