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time Picture taken with Kodak DSC/pro/slr-n and micro-nikkor 55mm man.
A macroperspective of near - middle and far
Foz do IguacuThis is my week to get to pull from my files (refer to Keith's post for last week's action assignment for what has been occupying my time). I sacrificed my camera lens for this shot - turned into the very heavy waterfall mist and soaked the camera, but I loved the shot. The black dots are birds - thousands of them in the spray. This is taken with my old Nikon D100.
Black Canyon StudyI really liked this composition and the near - middle - far really adds depth to the image. I took three shots with the first focused on the bush about 10 feet away, the second on the rock ledge about 50 ft away and the third on the canyon wall a couple thousand feet away. I did focus stacking on the first two and threw out the third because I could not see an appreciable difference. If you look closely you can see the river about 2000 ft down in the lower left of the image.
Black Canyon Sunset PointThis is the proverbial insurance shot. Hand held, sorry Keith. I was scouting for a nice composition and found this. I went back to get the tripod to do a more formal shot and the clouds had broken leaving a patchwork of light, with no possible good picture. The first rocks are about 10 feet, the middle canyon wall about 2000 ft and the end of the river about three miles away.
EdenTaken at the Wilson's Botanic Park, Berwick, Victoria Australia. It was so beautiful that it could have been Eden.
Reflected WarmthGarden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO
I used an 18mm lens to capture the warm light on the rocks to my left, which was actually a reflection of the early morning light from the large red sandstone formations on my right. The wide angle lens "expanded" the perceived depth in this scene, while the inclusion of near, middle and far elements draws the viewers attention through the scene, along the glowing rocks on the left, to the juniper in the middle distance, across the valley to the sandstone formations on the right, and back to the middle as we follow the rock formations into the distance.
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