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WonderLeighton is full of wonder about everything. At 9 months old, he is also always in motion!
This is a precious "thing" for meThis is a precious "thing" for me
Its fills my soul with music listening to
a Bach cantata or a Mahler Symphony.

Father/Daughter StrengthI like the strength and bond captured in this shot - I loved her little power fist and foot against Keith's bicep. We had fun with this photo shoot - I now have a whole new appreciation for those naked baby shots--they're tough and a bit messy.
The parental touchMcKenzie - finally content in her parent's hands.
In Their handsMcKenzie in Mom and Dad's hands - Keith had set up the camera with all the right settings - Rebecca did the post processing-I'm the proud Grandmother who caught the shot!
The TouchAnother spontaneous shot while Keith and Rebecca consoled McKenzie during the photo shoot.
A Mother's LoveThis was a spontaneous shot as Rebecca tried to console McKenzie during the photo shoot.
Plum's new growth shootsWinter in Katoomba is rather cold! I am always taken by the Plum tree's new growth long before the weather has warmed. I expect the whole tree to be covered in blossom before winter has welcomed in Spring.
Opening Plum Flower...in Winter!Here, in the depth's of winter with sleet all day yesterday, these budding Plum flowers commencing to open, regardless of the weather, seemed very precious to me.
McKenzie's garden photo shoot, July 30, 2008
Friendship Is Precious
Assurance Of Love
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