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Longs PeakLongs Peak and Mount Meeker in the distance. This shot was taken from Rabbit Mountain.
ContinuumWe have a new park in Colorado Springs with a cool sculpture/fountain that rotates and sprays water down. The water was not on early in the morning, but I wanted to capture Pikes Peak through the sculpture as it is to commerate the writing of "America the Beautiful"--the author of which was inspired by Pikes Peak. This would probably work better in next week's compressed perspective, so if I go into labor, it will also be my entry for next week :-)
Their Pot 'O' GoldNeighbours are building a house next to ours and a few days ago there was a lovely strong rainbow. It seemed to be ending on their house hence the title of the photo.
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, COI played with several different compositions to try to show "depth" in this scene. In the end I chose one with the "near" rock towering above me on the left side. It gives a better sense of scale for the rock formations in the distance. I was careful not to bump up the contrast or sharpen the distant mountains too much, since doing so would have negated the effect of "atmospheric perspective" caused by the intervening haze. The haze helps give a sense of how distant the mountains really are, and thus gives us an idea of how large they must be, which in turn helps us get a sense of the size of the distant rock formations.
Clear Day in Crested Butte, Colorado
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