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Long trail
Blue ChapelI got this shot while several of us were at the Air Force Academy today. The sun was in the right place for great light and I had a little fun with the Tungsten setting.
Cadet Chapel North CeilingThis is a single image, but I had to play with curves and masks to bring out the light in some areas and hold it back in others. The 17 mm lens allowed a shot from the bottom of the cross to straight up.
Cadet Chapel West AisleThis is five images bracketed one stop each and merged to High Dynamic Range in Photoshop. It was the only way I could catch the wonderful shadows and still bring out the pipe organ. If you look close, you can see Keith setting up in the center aisle.
Cadet Chapel SpiresI tried several lenses for the outside shot and liked a long lens for this one to isolate some of the spires and bring out the clouds.
Air Force Academy Chapel
Lily path to castleI went to get this same shot this year, but the lily's are not blooming yet. So, I'm using my shot from two years ago.
A Long PassageLa Purisima Mission
School bridge crossingI liked the effect of diminishing hoops!
Next Stop Melbourne!These receding mountains provide one of the most spectacular views to be found close by. Cropped to remove extraneous light poles and stuff!
Tyreso castle outside Stockholm Sweden
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