Author Topic: Voting for the Weekly Assignment "Textures in Black and White" March 27 - April  (Read 3964 times)


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Please vote for up to three of your favorite submissions from the "Textures in Black and White" assignment for the "People's Choice" award.  You can select one, two, or three separate images to vote on.  To vote for your favorite images, please select the check boxes associated with those images in the poll attached at the top of this thread, and click "submit vote."  If you change your mind after your initial vote, you can select the "remove vote" option and resubmit your vote.  NOTE:  You need to be logged in to see the voting options.  Voting will end at midnight, Mountain Time (GMT-07:00) on Wednesday, 25 April 2012.

Please let me know if you would like to go back to 1 vote for People's Choice.  I have an idea.  How about 20+ photos and we have three votes, however, less than 20, we get 1 vote.

The guideline for this assignment was to focus on how black and white brings out textures.   I did not include the color photos but if you would like me to add them, I will.

Reading Time

River House

If you could speak, what would you say?

Poor little guy


Along the shore

Almost like the moon...


Old stump


Ice Figures

Ear Bird

GreenHouse View

Sea Shell Witch


The Forest

Pine cones

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire 2nd Try

Tree Bark

Tree Bark - Revisited

Tree Bark - Shadows

If you could hear, what would you play?

Lone Wagon

Rainy Day Exploration



Old Trees

Virginia Dogwood

Cat tails on their way out

Dogwood in the forest

Dogwood:  It was worth the shot

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Please note that I made a boo-boo and put the titles of the photos ABOVE the photos.  Sorry about that.
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Thank you Michele (and all of you that participated) for getting us going on the assignments again.  

And thank you all of you for inspiring me with your images.

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Hey Keith, if we get participation like this or more, it will be a pleasure to keep this up!