Author Topic: Weekly Assignment "Textures in Black and White" March 27 - April 10, 2012  (Read 3856 times)


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Ever wonder why a black and white image seems to have more impact than color at times?

Personally, I think it draws the attention to the forms, textures and abstract qualities of the scene.  We can use the composition rather than the subject to emphasize the total feeling.  Different lighting is more obvious when distracting colors are removed from the eye.

Don't get me wrong, I love photos in color, but a landscape or portrait can have a completely different perspective in black and white.

Also, black and whites do not have to be really black and white.  Adding a slight sepia or gold tone can really warm up the scene.

Whatever your style may be, the assignment is to focus on how black and white brings out textures.  The subject is very broad so that we can get back into the groove.  It could be a macro, portrait, landscape, urban, etc.  Textures are more obvious in black and white. 

Also, I know we all have sometimes used passed photos in assignments but I think we would all benefit more from the assigments if we could really make the effort to take the photos within the assignment dates.  If you want to show your past work, please add them into a personal gallery or here as an example as we would all love to see them.  However, if you pass a deadline date or still want to work on an earlier assignment, please feel free to add them into the assignment gallery so that others can comment on the work in the context it was taken.

May I also propose that since we are a smaller group, we should go back to voting for one favorite photo?  Let me hear your thoughts...

Just make the time, guys, and take the shots!  I miss us...


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Thank you Michele. I'm looking forward to this.
Dave Leiker (PrairieDust)
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I printed out the class assignments & made notes on it.  I've got 3 or 4 ideas for the assignment.  Thank you for keeping this alive!


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I put Rick's Aspen Trees on the home page because it is one of those shots that I have never forgotten.


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Thank you.  :)