Author Topic: The Appalling Price of the Ultimate Photo!  (Read 1591 times)


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The Appalling Price of the Ultimate Photo!
« on: March 11, 2008, 05:35:54 AM »
   I found myself in a situation today, where I was able to photograph a series of brand new coffins, all standing mutely, on their ends. Oh, I was delighted. This sort of photographic opportunity might only happen once in any photographer's life. Without further ado, I put the SB-800 on to my D300, switched off the flurocescents and started capturing images.

   The prescence of the punching bag in front of the tiers of coffins presented me with the antithisis of life!
   Where would I ever see anything like this again?

   You can see, in the first photo, the trolley on the far right hand side.

AAhh I thought, I will just move that out of the way for a while, but, it didn't move freely, so I pulled a bit harder! Suddenly it came away and I stepped back rather quickly, bumping into something as I retreated. One can only imagine my horrer, as I turned to see what I had bumped into. As if in slow motion, like a row of falling dominoes, the front coffin in the middle of the image, (the one with my  reflection in it), slowly toppled towards the next white coffin, hitting it, which in turn tumbled into the most elegant (and most expensive) coffin, which in turn crashed towards the wall. Not sufficient enough to simply knock over the front row of coffins, the last beautiful coffin smashed through the window with an earsplitting crash. There in front of my eyes were three brand new coffins, now on their side, with the last, protruding through the window! I dont think there are any words to describe my degree of embarrasment and humiliation! I righted the coffins, however, apart from the smashed window,

 the beautiful and most expensive coffin in the place had substantial damage  to its top front corner. Even now, some 12 hours later, I cringe when I think about it!.
  So...while I know "sh.. happens"...I just wish it didnt happen to me! My son, bless his 'little' heart, hasn't stopped laughing!
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Re: The Appalling Price of the Ultimate Photo!
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2008, 06:52:00 AM »

Thank you for sharing your story, and starting my morning with a smile.  Its good that we can all laugh about those sorts of things when they are over.  I imagine that your son will enjoy telling this story whenever he gets a chance.

Very nice job using your images to tell a story.