Author Topic: Western New South Wales via the "Road Less Travelled". 6b. Broken Hill .  (Read 935 times)


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I found it amazing to see how the desert encroached as easily on civilization and was reminded of areas in Mexico where the pesants eke out a living on the edges of towns. Was this any different? I wonder!!!!

As for the Electricity pole in the middle of this alley way!!!

And, another chimney for my collection!

This one was beside Pro Harts Sculpture park.

 Chimneys...I love em!
Meanwhile, back in the town, the Post Office Clock looked down

while the town made a few more memorials

This Park in the towns center, along with the two memorial plaques say more than I will ever be able to.....about the indomitable 'spirit' of the town!

Back at that park,

Dylan continued to 'drop in',

Not much to say about these two!!

A Cork Tree stood out

along with a lane way in the center of town.

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