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Broken Hill
The largest town in the west, Broken Hill stands on the richest silver-lead-zinc deposit yet discovered and has so far yielded minerals worth over 1.5 billion dollars. The town, situated in one of the driest areas of Australia is surprisingly green and leafy thanks to water piped from the reservoir at Lake Menindee 110km away.
Broken Hill was named in 1844 by explorer Sturt but the mineral riches were not discovered until 1883 by Charles Rasp after which a town grew almost instantly to a population 20 000 within eight years. For Lida, Dylan and myself, we simply headed for a motel for a few days and luxuriated in the pleasures of this beautiful western city.

As always, Dylans first priority was the local skateboard park where he discovered a beautiful 'Half Pipe' along with a 'Spine Transfer'...(not bad eh!)

Lots of wonderful things remain in my mind when I think of Broken Hill, but the town's perchant for memorials is certainly very special, and, dates back a long way. For instance, the towns best Band Master was remembered with a Band Rotunda,

While a Prime Minister from Australia's past was remembered with a plaque and memorial garden sponsored by the 'Womens branch of the Australian Labor Party', no less!

and, with the most beautiful old scented Roses.

This astonishing memorial to the band that played 'Nearer my God to Thee' as the Titanic sank almost caught my breath,

and, a memorial garden to the victims of a terrible shooting in Tasmania in 1996.

The relaxing and beautifully kept park in the towns center was indeed something very precious and special.

For us, of course, it was a holiday and we just 'played'.

and played!

Always however, the mile long heap of mullock or tailings from the mine, overshadowed the whole city.

Broken Hill has been home to some very famous Australians and the Opera Singer, June Bronhill, was born and raised in Broken Hill, her Second name is a combination of BROkeN HILL. The late artist Pro Hart spent over 20 years in the mines and all the 'masked faces' in both his sculptures (free viewing in the sculpture park) and in his paintings, (no cameras allowed in the Pay for Tour of his paintings!), represent the faceless men who spend their time mining.

Dylan meanwhile showed his 'deep' interest in this cultural side of life!!

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