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Pulpit Rock Open Space
« on: March 01, 2008, 11:07:19 AM »
I wanted to share a few snaps from an outing Evan and I went on yesterday to Pulpit Rock Open Space, which is an under-appreciated gem right smack in the middle of our big city of Colorado Springs.  We were hiking in harsh midday sun, so Dad only took a few quick snapshots.  Evan on the other hand enjoyed snapping away with his Canon S3 point and shoot.  Evan enjoys TAKING the pictures, without worrying too much about the final result. 

Evans favorite parts of the day were sitting on a rock sharing graham crackers with dad, stripping down to his bare behind to pee off the side of the trail (pretty exciting for a 2 1/2 year old) and snapping away with his Canon S3 at the Pulpit Rock overlook.  He made Dad a little nervous climbing around on the rocks. 

Here's one of the pictures Evan took.

Hmm, maybe I could learn something about getting down low to emphasize the foreground elements.  I could try to explain to Evan that he shouldn't place the horizon line right in the middle of the scene, but I'm sure his response would be "no, let me show you how."  Mom and Dad must use that phrase a lot, because Evan sure seems to parrot it back.

Evan reluctantly let me borrow his camera for this picture, since his point and shoot lens had about 6 times the magnification of the lens I was using on my digital SLR. 

We decided to call it a day at this point, but only after calling Mom at work to tell her how much fun we were having :)

We ended a perfect morning by eating lunch at Evan's favorite restaurant, "Old McDonalds,"  where he charmed the lady behind the counter and the young high school girls sitting at the table beside us.
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