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Move Day
« on: May 20, 2009, 04:51:48 PM »
Well, thank you to all who whole heartedly supported us through your help, lending an ear to my complaining and worrying, and your understanding that we have not been in touch for so long.  Move day arrived and was done in less than 5 hours.  Yes, what took us 2 ½ weeks to pack up, the movers loaded in less than 5 hours.
I think we picked the right movers.  They called promptly at 8am saying they had just turned onto Woodmen road and would be there shortly--which they were.  Our mover, Shawn, has a extremely long white 5th wheel trailer which is immaculate and outfitted with all sorts of ways to secure items that are packed.  He pulls it with his diesel pick up truck.

He and two other guys (all of whom were extremely polite) walked in and got to work.  I had asked that the kids room be emptied first so I could put McKenzie down for a nap at nine.  I swear they were walking out with that baby bed broken down 5 minutes later.  All the while I was remembering the hours it took us to assemble it 3 years ago :-).  Evan's double bed was out in seconds and then the dresser and misc. other items and I had the room empty to set up the pak n play for Mac to nap.

They shrink wrapped all the furniture--they told us we could leave the dresser drawers full and they just shrink wrapped it intact, picked it up and gone.  We had packed approximately 170 boxes which were all piled in the garage (which probably made their job a little easier as all the boxes were very handy to load).  They put most of the furniture on and I looked at the trailer and looked at our huge box pile and thought - hmm, we're going to fill this trailer.  Oh no, jig saw puzzle of boxes stacked to the ceiling in that trailer and it was not even 1/2 full. 

Amazing how this stuff spread out made the house crammed full yet it was only filling 1/2 a trailer!    They then carried on our queen mattress and box springs which were put against that box pile and strapped to the walls of the trailer and like magic, a big box to hold all those boxes.

However, my desk :-) was still to come.  They padded it and wrapped it and Evan helped to move it. 

After seeing that Evan could not pick it up, the movers used an appliance dolly and out it went --that filled the other 1/2 of the trailer :-) 

Evan moving the recliner :-)

Our day started so chaotic with Evan up at 5:45am – Mac actually slept until 6:45 for once, but that was because I broke my new rule of only one feeding a night and fed her at 1am and 4am.  I thank my neighbor, Teal, who once again saved us shortly after the movers arrived by inviting Evan over to play.  Mac was napping and that gave us both time to pack final items like all of the bedding etc.  Now, here I sit finally in peace with McKenzie playing happily on a blanket looking at her Travel magazine—her new favorite pastime—yea found something that really interests this girl—Outside Traveler!  Evan is sleeping and I decided to quickly update you and post the pictures from this morning. 

Evan napping in our new bed :-)

If our movers do as well unloading in Wichita, I will give them a huge two thumbs up.  Stay tuned.  I’ll try to write the rest of the move story.  Of course, that may take a bit longer as having an afternoon break in an empty house lends itself to writing more than one in a house full of boxes to be unpacked. 

Keith and McKenzie and our wonderful neighbor, Wes Lee.

A special thank you to Aunt Diane and Keith for the tremendous amount of help the last two days.  Aunt Diane came and played, played, played with Evan and Mac both days and Keith was just phenomenal what he accomplished in packing.  This house transformed in the last two days—I would have loved to see a time lapse movie of our garage filling with packed boxes.  Oh, one last funny story.  I worked so hard packing all the beautiful framed photos we have hanging all over the house.  It took me three days and I had checked and re-checked every nook and cranny for frames that we tuck away etc.  Diane was sitting in our living room yesterday and casually said “are you going to take the picture hanging above the fire place.”  AUGH, totally overlooked that one.   And, a huge thank you to Jon Gorski who bought one of our framed prints last night which freed up the carton for that last print!

And, a final thank you to Mac who is almost 10 months old and has patiently waited to crawl as she knew I could not handle her being mobile while packing up the house.  Just now, she has scooted clear off the blanket and is now under the table and is looking like crawling will be right around the corner—look out in the unpack.  She’ll crawl into a box and it will be weeks before we find her—oh yeah, that scream will make her presence known, no fear.

Stay tuned.  In a couple of years when I finish unpacking, I’ll let you know how the movers did on the unload :-)
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