Author Topic: Hey, the Gallery looks different, what happened to all my pictures?  (Read 1203 times)


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You must have missed the announcement on the new gallery software.    :)

After communicating with the developer of our "old" gallery software about some features that I thought should be added (the ability to read Caption and camera data), I became concerned that the software wasn't being maintained/updated.  I looked for other alternatives, and after quite a bit of research, settled on a "coppermine" based gallery. 

I've updated the gallery button on the main "community" page so that it links to the new gallery.  I was able to migrate all of the images over to the new gallery (that kept me busy for a few days) with the exception of images in personal member galleries.  If you have images in a personal gallery that haven't been moved, please set up your albums in your member gallery on the new gallery site and I will migrate your images over for you. 

I've left a link to the "old" gallery on the bottom of the left pane of the main "community" home page.  (Scroll down and look under the "newsletter archives" link.)  I will leave this link active for another couple of weeks until everyone is satisfied that all the content has been moved to the new gallery successfully.  I haven't moved the "comments" from the old gallery, and will need your help if you want them moved.  The only way to get them to show up as YOUR comments is for you to cut and paste them from the old gallery images into the new gallery.  If you'd like to move your comments please do so, otherwise we'll start fresh in the new gallery.

One of the notable features of the new software is the ability to read embedded IPTC (Caption, Description and Keyword) and EXIF (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) data and automatically display this data for your images.  This capability is integrated with an advanced search feature and accelerated keyword search features.

Navigation through the new gallery is a bit different, but for the most part self-explanatory.  Menu items and options are "context sensitive," which basically means that you will only see some of the options when you are logged into the forums/gallery.   (Your login to the gallery is still integrated with the main forum login.  If you attempt to login to the gallery, the software will take you back to the forum login, and then redirect back to the gallery when your login is complete.)   You can view most of the gallery categories and albums as a guest, but need to be logged in to post comments or images.

One of the less intuitive features of the new software is the use of "albums."  Unlike the old gallery software where you could post images directly into a gallery category, in the new software you need to post images into an "album."  Albums are already set up in the "share your work" category; however you will need to set up albums before you can post images in your member gallery.  Click on the small white button in the top center of your gallery window that says "create/order my albums" to create your albums.  (You have to be logged in to see this option.)  After you have set up your albums, you can access your member gallery either through the "member galleries" link on the main gallery page, or through the direct "My Gallery" link in the top right menu bar.  To upload images click on the "upload file" button in the top right menu and follow the instructions on the screen.  There is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) button in the top right menu, or just send me an e-mail if you have trouble posting.  (I'll be updating the gallery instructions posted in the forum over the next week or so.)

Please don't post any new images or comments in the old gallery.

If you've made it this far, thanks for your time. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or recommendations with respect to the new gallery software.

Keith Snell
Spirit of Photography Community Host
(aka Admin)