Author Topic: How do I navigate in the Gallery, I can't seem to get back to the "main" gallery  (Read 1258 times)


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The key to navigating in the gallery is using the "breadcrumb" feature.  The "breadcrumb" will display at the top of the category, album, or image your are currently viewing, and looks something like this: Home > Member galleries > keithsnell.  The breadcrumb is the equivalent of a directory structure, and clicking on one of the entries will take you to that level.  In other words, if you are viewing keithsnell's gallery, and click on "Member galleries," this will take you to the member gallery category.  Clicking on "home" in the breadcrumb will always take you back to the main gallery page.  (Unlike clicking on "home" in the menu, which will take you back to the main "community" page and the forums.) 

I will eventually update the menu structure to make it more intuitive, but in the meantime please use the "breadcrumb" to navigate around the galleries.

If you have any other questions about navigating around the galleries and forums, please let me know.