Author Topic: Should I post images in the “public” galleries, my "member gallery, or both?  (Read 1302 times)


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There is always a dilemma with whether to post an image in the public galleries vs a member gallery.  On one hand, you want the image to be seen by the public, but on the other hand you don't want it to be "lost" in the mass of other images, and want to be able to direct visitors to your images. 

My preferred method of organizing the galleries is to have the majority of the images in the "public" galleries vs the member galleries.  That just makes it easier for other members and guests to find images by topic.  I can sub-divide each gallery as it gets too large or cumbersome.  We did this with the "Travel Photography" album.  It was initially all one album; however it became too large to navigate effectively and images became "lost" in the mass.  Therefore I segmented the album into locations as you see them today.  If we follow this concept of having the majority of the images in the "public" galleries, then that requires me to start a new album in the public galleries.  I can do this when it becomes obvious that the images need reorganizing, or upon request by a member.  (So I could easily start a "sailing" gallery for you within the public galleries.)

Fortunately there is a way show your images in both a public (or weekly assignment) gallery and "member" gallery without posting the images in two different places.  The method takes advantage of the database underpinnings of the gallery software.  You can initially assign an image to a public gallery (or weekly assignment gallery) and then to a "virtual" member gallery.  You will notice when you start a new album under your member gallery that there is a window for Album Keyword.  Type a specific keyword that defines the images that you want to show in this "virtual" album.  (To create a new album, just click on the white "create/order my albums" button in the top center of your gallery window, click on the "new" button and rename the album.) 

When a visitor clicks on the gallery thumbnail for this "virtual" album, it will pull in ALL of the images within the main gallery that contain the keyword you have designated as an "album keyword."  (Note: you can only have one album keyword.) For example, you could update your sailing images so that they contain the keyword "Larry_sailing."  (Use the "edit file information" button under each image to define the keywords for the image.)  Then define a personal album that has the album keyword of "Larry_sailing."  You may want to upload one image directly into this "virtual" album so that you can designate it as the thumbnail for the gallery.  I've designated a "virtual" album called "Evan" in Rebecca's member gallery so you can see how this works.

Please give this a try and let me know if you think it is a viable solution.



Note that the "album" system is all database driven, so you can redesignate the album an image is in without actually moving the image.  The easiest way to do this is by viewing the image in the gallery and then clicking on the white "edit file information" button under the image.  This will open a window that contains the database information on this image, including what album it is associated with.  There is a dropdown menu next to "album" that will let you select/change what album the image is in.  Just select the appropriate album and click on "apply modifications."  This will store the new album location in the database.  Note that you can update keyword and description information in this window as well.  (You will have to click on "Album List" in the upper left of your gallery window in order to navigate back to the gallery.)

Several other things to note about the gallery software. 
1)  If you view one of your images, you will see your login name in white text in the image description area under the image.  Clicking on this link will bring up all images you have posted, regardless of what albums they are associated with.
2)  Keywords in the image are "searchable" within the database.  Look at this image as an example: and click on the keyword "Evan."  This will bring up every image in the gallery that has "Evan" as a keyword.
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