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Voting for "Balance" Assignment
« on: July 07, 2008, 07:19:46 AM »
The images submitted for the "Ballance" assignment are displayed below.  Please vote on your favorite image for the "Peoples Choice" award.  Simply select the image title in the "poll" attached at the top of this thread, and click "submit vote."  NOTE:  You need to be logged in to see the voting options.  Voting will end at midnight, Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-07:00) on Sunday, 13 July 2008.

Remember that the guidelines for the "Balance" assignment were:  "It is the placement and prominence of the primary and supporting elements in the composition that affect the “balance” of the image.  Compose an image that balances the "weight" of the elements across the frame, while using the attributes that affect the prominence of elements (such as positioning the primary subject in a "strong" location in the frame, using more prominent colors and tonality, etc.) to ensure the primary subject is still dominant in the image."


Main Street

Lone Flower

Can you hear me now?


Garden of the Gods

Path to the Gods

Morning Glory

Historical Balance

Balancing Branches


Balance of Life 4

Balance of Life 3

Balance of Life 2

Balance of Life 1

Twin Falls


Nature's Balance

Let's Go This Way!

Face Off!
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