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Results and Feedback for "Isolation" Assignment
« on: June 23, 2008, 07:45:50 AM »
First, I apologize for the delay caused by the glitch in the voting.  I think our new voting process will provide better feedback on the “People’s Choice” for the assignment images.   Thank you to everyone that participated in the assignment, both from a “submitter” and a “reviewer” standpoint.  It was a good learning experience for me, so I’m sure it was for other participants as well. 

The guidance for the Isolation assignment was to "use a photographic technique (limited depth of field/selective focus or selective lighting) to isolate your subject within the composition, or … submit an image to illustrate the "concept" of isolation (such as a photograph of an individual that is "isolated" from society, etc.).  Better yet, visualize and capture an image that employs both a photographic technique and a "concept" to illustrate the theme of 'isolation.'"

I enjoyed viewing all of the submissions.  Several of the entries were great examples of using a photographic technique (limited depth of field or a light subject on a dark background) to isolate the subject from the background, while others illustrated the “concept” or theme of isolation by depicting a subject in an environment that conveyed the message of isolation.

Two images tied for the “People’s Choice” (popular vote) selection, "Lonely Tree by Tom (Kermit)  and "Tulip Light" by Joyce (csrdrunner)."

Lonely Tree


The Editor’s Choice for Artistic Merit goes “Tulip_Light” submitted by Joyce.  On first impression, I felt this image was a little too dark, but upon pulling it into Photoshop, I recognized that the red channel was in danger of clipping, which explains the slight underexposure for the rest of this image.  This image is a wonderful example of seeing and capturing beautiful light, and also has a pleasing rendition of out of focus background elements.  The darker background also helps to isolate the primary subject from the background.

The Editor’s Choice for Technical Merit goes to the “Last Wisteria Leaf” submitted by Rod.  This image is a great example of using an appropriate depth of field to provide detail in the subject (in this case f8) and distance between foreground and background to provide a pleasant blur to the background and isolate the primary subject.

Last Wisteria Leaf

Honorable Mention goes to “Isolation in Afghanistan” submitted by Robert Black.   Bob went to great heights (literally) to submit this image, which was taken on the “Needles,” several thousand feet above the valley floor outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

 Isolation in Afghanistan
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